The Shock of the “C” word.

As I drove home in hysterics, calling Chris to tell him to come home from work, I was in a complete state of shock.  When I pulled into the driveway the wave of emotions exploded. How could I have Cancer? This couldn’t be happening. WHY was this happening to me? I lost my son for Christ’s sake. Hadn’t we been through enough? (somehow I believed that since Cameron had been taken from us too soon, Chris and I were I exempt from having to endure any further heartache in life).

I finally pulled it together enough to call The Breast Center and make an appointment with the surgeon.  They were understanding and set up an appointment for me right after our vacation.  I was given strict instructions to try and enjoy myself while away.  Yeah, ok.  I’ll see what I can do.

I’m sorry doc…… Can you repeat that????

On August 21st I went to AAMC Breast Center in Annapolis to have them check out the lump I found in my right breast. After a mammogram and ultrasound the radiologist was pretty convinced the mass was a Fibroadenoma. But decided just to be sure they wanted a biopsy. So the next day I had the core needle biopsy done. This radiologist said the same thing. Looks like fibroadenoma. Results would be back in about 48 hours. So on Friday, as usual,I did my running around of errands. Prepping for our vacation to Ocean City, MD. On my way back from the post office I realized I had a missed call from the hospital. Finally! Now I can relax and enjoy my vacation! I called the doctor back and he said “Hi Amber. I’m really sorry. I wish I had better news for you. The pathology report shows it is in fact CANCER.”

I’m sorry doctor……can you repeat that?

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Amber Blose (formerly Amber Hart). I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life, graduating from Queen Anne’s County High School in 1998.

In my early 20’s I moved to the Annapolis area. While working at a downtown bar I met my future husband Chris. After 8 years of growing and learning much about ourselves, we finally tied the knot in February 2011. We were also expecting our first child together. The honeymoon phase was cut short when two months later we unexpectedly lost our son. He was born premature at only 24 1/2 weeks.

16 months later we are doing better and actually looking forward to trying again for a family. That was until I went to the doctor after I found a lump in my right breast.

The following is my personal story with breast cancer. No sugar coating will be found. That’s just not my style.