Super Eggs!

Apparently my eggs are responding well to the fertility drugs. So well in fact that it only took 8 days to get to my trigger shot. This shot signals my brain to think like it is already pregnant so I won’t ovulate, allowing the extraction to take place. This will take place on Thursday. Also on Thursday I will be having my re-excision done. Both procedures involve IV sedation and take about 15-20 minutes. Should make for an interesting long day. I’m excited for this all to take place. But it only means that chemo is lurking around the corner.


Egg extraction went great! We got 8 eggs with 7 of them being mature. And my tissue margins came back clear. Woohoo! GIANT THANK YOU to Dr. Mottla & my nurse Crystal at Shady Grove Fertility and to Dr. Tafra my surgeon.  You guys are amazing and have made these two steps in my journey so positive and memorable.  I am thankful for all you have done to ease mine and Chris’s mind through all we’ve gone through so far.

Back to Business

Time to begin my fertility shots. They coordinate this process with the start of your monthly cycle. Total process from start to finish takes about 12-14 days. Let the fun begin.

Met again with my oncologist to discuss chemo. Once I’m done with the fertility process, I will start chemo. I will be undergoing dose dense chemo where I go once every other week for treatment for 16 weeks. I’ve been given prescriptions for anti nausea medicine. Not convinced that they will help. Probably just make me fat. Steroids, gotta love them. Nothing like being fat and bald at 31 due to self induced poisoning.

Oh yeah. I’m suppose to be staying positive. The word chemo seems to make that very difficult for me to do.