Power Port Surgery

This one will be brief as I just got home from surgery and I am ready for a nap. Everything went well. Surgery took about 45 minutes. I’m a bit sore but I guess that’s normal. Hoping by tomorrow I feel a bit better so I can enjoy thanksgiving. I was very apprehensive about surgery but I am truly glad I no longer have to be a human pin cushion. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. May you guys all count your many blessings and enjoy your time with loved ones. Next up, halfway point!

5 thoughts on “Power Port Surgery

  1. I just got my port at the end of Oct. so if you have any questions just let me know. Even now I still get pains for time to time but as the nurse said – it is a foreign body. Hope all goes and happy Thanksgiving!

    • When I lay a certain way I can hear and feel this bubble like noise near the bottom of my ribcage. It’s bizarre. I was really worried at first that maybe they nicked my lung when placing the port. Maybe it’s just something totally different. I have my next treatment on Monday. So when I see the onco I will discuss with her. Pain wise it feels better today. But I am not sleeping very well. Had to sleep propped up because when I lay down like normal I found it hard to breathe. I’m hoping Monday goes well. I’m a little nervous about the first stick in the port. I feel like I have this insane tracking device under my skin! Lol It kinda creeps me out when I think about it.

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