Round 3

Left the old iPad at home on Friday so I didn’t get to post from treatment. Spent the day with my mom and Jenna. They made the treatment day go by very quickly. And helped ease my mind when I was given the news of complications. Since I had surgery prior to chemotherapy, I can’t have any blood drawn, IV’s, blood pressure etc from my right arm. These things pose the risk of developing lymphodema because of the lymph nodes I had removed. This limits me. On Friday they couldn’t get a good vein in my arm and had to use my hand, which is their last resort. Because the adriamyacin is so strong, there is a possibility if leaked out of the vein, I could loose my hand. So, the talks of getting a port implanted were brought up again.

I’ve been against it from the beginning because of the risk of infection and just the thought of having another surgery make me cringe. But when you think of loosing a limb or permanent damage it tends to change your perspective. So after careful consideration I will be undergoing the surgery next Wednesday for the port. Yeah, the day before Thanksgiving. It’s a pretty quick procedure but still surgery with its risks. Hopefully I’ll get some good rest so I can enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.

On a lighter note, I’ve been feeling pretty good this go around. I managed to get ahead of the constipation, which in turn keeps the nausea at bay. I’ve also been given a prescription for Prevacid from my doctor which combats the heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. Being able to control these side effects for me is huge. This info applies to anyone out there on the AC followed by T regimen and looking for relief. On the day of treatment I take my Prevacid then go to treatment. That night around 9 I take two stool softeners and 2 senna laxative pils. By morning, my digestive system is operating regularly. I wake up around 6. Then take my Prevacid while eating some delicious baby food! About 7 I eat cereal or toast and take my decadron steroid. Making sure to drink lots of water throughout the day. Then repeat. Since I only take the decadron for 4 days after treatment, that’s the only days I take the stool softener and laxative. I continue to take Prevacid everyday while going through treatment.

Baby food, prune and pear juice have really been helpful as well. And resting whenever possible. Hopefully that wasn’t TMI for everyone. But that’s the just of my life for a week. It does get better. I’m over a third of the way done and coming up on halfway to the finish line. It’s progress and I’ll take every little bit I can.

For all my house progress followers out there, things are moving along as well. HVAC, plumbing, and our electric service upgrade are complete. Tile, drywall and kitchen are next, then bathrooms. Still on schedule to move in by the end of next month. Hopefully it stays that way!

Next up, port surgery and Thanksgiving! Really looking forward to being with my family and of course enjoying all the wonderful food!

7 thoughts on “Round 3

  1. Good luck with the surgery. I’m against it too but my veins may not hold up – time will tell. And well done on progress through this journey, every day is a day closer to being through the other side.

    • Do you know anyone who had any complications from the port? I’ve been coughing quite a but since the surgery and can actually hear an air popping sound in my abdomen. I was wondering if the port installation may have nicked my lung. But I can’t seem to find anyone who this has happened to with a description of the symptoms.

  2. Hey Ber. As a nurse, I have to say that ports are awesome little things!! They are so hassle free!! It’s a one time poke and you can use it for EVERYTHING! I get so excited when people come in and have ports!! It’s a wise investment. It saves a lot of hastle for the nurses trying to fun veins every time, and saves your poor veins from becoming hard as rocks. Make sure it’s a power port so they can use it for CTs and MRIs if contrast is needed. You won’t regret it. Love ya! I’m glad to hear all is going well!!

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