Blasting Through Radiation

Boy, I’m not very good at keeping up with this. I always have the best intentions on posting, but something always keeps me from it. Not to mention we are coming to the end of our renovations on our house so we’ve been super busy. Boy is that exciting! Almost as exciting as coming to the end of treatment! I’m actually in the waiting room now at the hospital awaiting radiation, which will be #24, leaving only 6 more to go!!! It feels like so much time has past since my diagnosis. It has been just about 7 months. And what a world of difference in my life. Just as it was when Cameron left us, so it is now. I was forever changed by Cam touching our lives, and in ways, Cancer has done the same. I made some incredible relationships with my doctors, nurses and other staff members at the hospital. I’ve also made some other connections that appear to be setting me on that path I’ve spent so much time searching for. Always wanting to help others and give back in some way but never knowing exactly where to start. Since my last post, I’ve gone with Christalene to the Save the Coconuts – Coco Blanco fundraiser, where she henna tattooed my head for all to see. The video that Sugar Farm Productions so beautifully put together, has been viewed by so many people. Most recently, as in just this morning, I was contacted by the hospitals PR Office as they want to interview me because they heard my story from one of the wonderful nurses in the NICU. I told them I would be more then happy to tell my story and help the hospital in any way I could. I’ve spent so much of my time at AAMC over the last two years. They have done so much for me so I would be honored to give back however I can.

I will also be ending this treatment journey next Tuesday. It sounds funny to say that. So many emotions will come along with that day. Glad to be finished, but then I have to work extra hard to keep that worry out of my head. For some reason, when you are in treatment activley, you feel safe. Maybe because you are surrounded by hospital staff on a daily basis. Then this reality sets in that you are about to embark back into the real world and resume life, and try to be normal again. Wait….. What the heck is NORMAL??!!??

I guess next week I will start to find out. Oh boy……

UPDATE: apparently there is a glitch in the matrix. I posted this almost two weeks ago. Only to log on and find out it was in my drafts and never posted. Awesome.

1 thought on “Blasting Through Radiation

  1. Wahoo! Keep up the blog (when you can!) because I’d love to hear how your speaking engagements/volunteer work is going. Even though you’re done with treatment, you still have your army of supporters cheering for you and praying for you! You go, girl! 🙂

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