Positivity Abounds!!!!!

Two things I want to share. First, I am very excited to be able to share this little film my friend Alison put together of me getting my henna tattoo. It is beautifully done and really showcases Christalene’s project and my story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Healing Through Body Art from Sugar Farm Productions on Vimeo.

Second, I received this post on Facebook via my very close friend Rob Brown. Family is more like it. He’s such a source of positivity and inspiration in my life and to many others. I was moved to tears when I read this and felt so honored by what he had to say. Instead of trying to tell you what an awesome lyricist/poet this man is, I will just let his words do the talking. For those of you fighting this disease, remember, there is a soldier in each one of you!

“I guess it isn’t ironic that without your hair you look like a little soldier because you have sure put up one hell of a fight, and I am so grateful to call myself your friend. The funny thing about days is that they seem to come and go without so much as a thought that they may actually have numbers. That is of course, until the dreadful day comes when someone tells you that they do. The sheer magnitude of what you have accomplished is only eclipsed by the absolute courage and class that you have demonstrated while doing so. Proof that angels truly do walk the earth because surely only an angel could take something so ugly and turn it into art. That is what you have become before our very eyes, living art. The smallest things you do continues to restore my faith in human beings. Who would ever have thought that the little girl with the mega-watt smile would have stood so defiantly in the face of adversity, whispering a “no” that became a roar telling the world that you are here and you won’t go without a fight. We hear you loud and clear and only ask that you allow us to stand here and watch you complete your masterpiece. I only hope that when my time comes, whatever is in you, I also find in myself. Thank you Amber Blose, for reminding us that days do have numbers, and every last one of them is worth fighting for…”

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