Round 7 side effects

Round 7 brought on the neuropathy. Something I wasn’t prepared for. For those that don’t know, this is the numbness and tingling in your toes and/or fingers. So far this has all been in my toes and soles of my feet. It’s like my toes are falling asleep. Then I get shooting pains from feet up through my legs. It happens randomly throughout the day but seems to get worse at night.

So last week I ended up calling the dr because my cough got worse. I got put on antibiotics. Then I called this past Monday because of the neuropathy and they called in another med for that an currently have me out of work through this Monday when I see the dr again. At that time she will evaluate me to see 1. If I’m going to proceed with treatment as scheduled 2. If not, when I will have my last treatment and 3. When I’m going back to work. Which should be Tuesday as of now.

They warned me that things like this could happen. Chemo is cumulative so it builds up in your system, causing the problems to rear their head at the end stages of treatment. At this point I don’t know what the next few weeks will bring. But I have to stop worrying about everything, especially work. I just need to focus on me and my recovery. For the first time in my life I need to be selfish. And it’s ok to be that way!

In other news, house is progressing. Kitchen cabinets are all done. Plumbing inspection this week and then on to the bathrooms. Woohoo! And of course, looking forward to the Championship games tomorrow. GO RAVENS!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Round 7 side effects

  1. I’ve just finished my final Taxotere, the effects do build up and this time I came home with preventative antibiotics and neupogen shots. You’re right about needing to put yourself first even if it seems an alien concept. Definitely stop worrying about work… Your life is the most important thing to focus upon. Hope your S/Es will calm down soon.

  2. Amber,
    There is nothing selfish about putting yourself first in this fight. Work will be there when this is behind you. Congrats on the hourse and GO RAVENS

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