Happy Homeowner!!!!

I’ll start first by saying I haven’t posted anything this week because I’ve been busy at work, which is nice to be at work! The week following my first chemo treatment was sucky. It felt like I had the flu or like being pregnant. Constant state of nausea and headaches, exhaustion and just plan blah feeling. And soooooooo emotional! Then I get to the one week after treatment mark and it’s like BAM! Someone flicked off the sick switch and feel like my normal self again. If it stays this way I can deal. It’s just so strange to feel like there is something foreign running through your system and then feel normal again. But I’m not complaining! Sidenote: If you notice me repeating anything in my posts please forgive me! It’s Chemo Brain!!! It’s horrible!!! lol

Ok, so on to what this post is all about. I FINALLY (after a long 11 months) own my first home!!!!!! And it was worth every ounce of the battle!!! To make a long story short, if possible, we have been trying for almost a year to purchase a bank owned foreclosure because it was such a great deal. Most of the problems were due to dealing with a third party company and communication barriers. But in the end, everyone involved worked really hard to make it all possible. I have to stop a moment and thank Jimmy Yancey for all of his hard work in making my dream come true! I wanted this house and he stopped at nothing to make it happen. So I’m plugging him right now. Need a lender for your home purchase or refi, I’ll give you his info! But seriously, I am grateful to have such a wonderful friend who was relentless in making the deal go through. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. No more stress! Well at least not for purchasing the home. Now I get to stress about all the demo/construction Chris is doing to the home and sticking to the budget! lol

Things are actually coming along great. We’ve made a ton of progress in one week and are focused on keeping it moving. Our hope is to be in there by the end of the year. Which I think is doable. All the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are in progress. If you need any of those guys let me know. We have some seriously good companies working on our house. They show up everyday which is huge! I think Chris and I made a good decision on this house. He started his own construction business, Cameron Contracting, and is currently awaiting his MHIC license. Once he gets this which should come in about 2 weeks he’ll be ready to rock. I obtained my real estate license in May. I’ve recently signed up with Exit First Realty and will begin plugging myself here soon! 😉 Chris and I should have a great thing going if our plan works the way we hope. And it will because I’m accepting nothing but positivity these days!

Moral of my post today is that if you have persistence and you stay the course, good things do happen. Life is about networking. It’s about building a team that all works together to make things happen. Whether it’s in your work life or personal, having strong relationships is what matters. Each person in your life contributes to the total sum, whatever you want it to be. So surround yourself with positive, hardworking, let’s do this! type of people. It worked for me for my house, it’s working for my career, and it is most definelty working in my personal life as I show cancer who is boss! So thanks to all of you for being a part of this chapter in my life, and hopefully many more chapters to come!

2 thoughts on “Happy Homeowner!!!!

  1. That’s awesome!!! We’re thinking/hoping (hes thinking im hoping) to add an addition on to the house. I know the first person to call!! Love you and so glad this all finally went thru!!

  2. I’m so glad all of your dreams are finally materializing. You deserve this. Do you have a fireplace that we can smash champagne glasses in?

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