Support Sisters

My Support Sisters, are my go to girls. They have been with me in full support from the word Cancer, making this chapter in my life a bit more bearable. Each of them is special to me for what they bring to our friendship. Some of them I have known my whole life, others more recently but each of them is amazing. They got together to make sure wig shopping wasn’t overwhelming for me and also decided that going out with all of us sporting wigs would be a riot. With my wig now purchased it was time to hit the town. We had dinner at Joss on Main street in Annapolis where we were probably an interesting site to see. I recall someone asking what the big occasion was and one of the girls responded, Our girl was diagnosed with breast cancer so we are celebrating her fight.  I know that one must have thrown him for a loop.  Who in their right mind celebrate’s breast cancer???  Oh these crazies do!!! lol

Some of the girls had some wild hair colors and a few others were just outrageous styles. It was nothing short of fun to be able to laugh with these lovely ladies and watch as new friendships were made between some girls who had just met for the first time. I realized in that moment at dinner how incredible it is to be me! I know I said it before in a previous post but I’ll say it again. THANK YOU CANCER!!!! Thank you for coming into my life. I know that sounds crazy but it is the truth. I know these friendships I have are important but without cancer, I most likely would have continued through life not realizing just how great friendships are. It’s silly really. You nurture the relationship with your significant other, but we always expect our friends to always be there. And for the most part they will be. But if we make those extra efforts to see our friends a little more or let those who are important to us know just how important they are, you could really watch a friendship bloom on so many other levels. Even after the loss of my son, I thought I got it. I realized just how precious life was and knew then that I needed to try harder to see the people I love more often. Somehow you slowly get back into your routine and before you know it, you haven’t changed at all. I watched this documentary on Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens and in it he was talking about his life during the time when he was in jail accused of murder and how it changed his life. He had money, fame, fortune but he was missing something. The night that he was arrested and laying there in a cell he said he heard God say to him, “Can You Hear Me Now?” And that’s when he knew he had to take these things he had been blessed with and give back and help others. I feel like someone has been trying to show me the things that truly matter but I just haven’t been really listening. Well, I hear you know, I promise! So many things in life are trivial and they are not what truly matter. But friends and family, THAT’S what matters. At the end of the day, those are the people who will love you no matter what. And I am blessed with amazing girlfriends, brothers from other mothers, and Family. Thank you a thousand times to my “Support Sisters” for a lovely evening out on the town! For the girls that couldn’t be there, I know you where in spirit!

2 thoughts on “Support Sisters

  1. Girl, wig night was AWESOME. I know I’ll never look at Rod Stewart the same again! We all love you so much. Good days and bad, we’re going to be with you every step of the way as you kick this cancer’s ass. Xoxoxo.

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